JAVA Standard Edition 5.0

JAVA Standard Edition 5.0

JAVA 5.0 ( also known as Standard Edition 5.0 or J2SE 5 or J2SE 1.5) :-


Codename:- TIGER

1. Initially released in September 2004.

2. Has 3200+ classes and interfaces.

3. Introduced several updates and improvements

Annotations:- Anotations wrere used to provide meta-data for the programs so that it can be easily understand for metadata-aware programs.

Generics:-Generics are used to provide types of object belonging to collections. So that type safety cab be gauranteed at compile time.

Autoboxing :- Autoboxing is used to automatically convert from primitive types to wrapper clsses.

Improved syntax for looping :-Improved syntax of loops was introduced like for each loop

Varargs :- Provide flexibility to pass variable no of arguments. Look Here

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